Prostate cancer survival rates

Following a prognosis the doctor will usually give you the result in the form of a survival rate over time.

It is usual to give the survival rates over five year and ten year periods for the stage of cancer that you have. Of course every one is different so like all statistics you should use the results as a guide as opposed to an absolute indication of survival.

Prostate cancer survival rate statistics

According to the American Cancer Society one out of every six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. However only one in thirty-five will die from the condition. This is largely due to two things, most men are diagnosed with prostate cancer towards the end of their natural lives meaning that they will most likely die of other causes than prostate cancer itself. Secondly advanced early screening has led to detection of prostate cancer at an earlier age in men, this means that the condition can be watched and treated at an earlier stage, resulting in a much higher chance of successful treatment.

Of those who are diagnosed it is estimated that the overall survival rate for prostate cancer at 5 years is close to 100%, at ten years it is 91% at ten years, and 76% at 15 years. The percentage of survivors after 10 and 15 years is likely to go over time as the effect as new medicines and treatments come into the equation.

It is hoped that you have found the information on prostate cancer survival rates and the brachytherapy prostate cancer cure rate reassuring; as ever different people have different circumstances so be sure to talk to your doctor about your own personal needs.

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