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Journal: Radiology

Pubmed ID: 3510032

Authors: Dahnert WF, Hamper UM, Eggleston JC, Walsh PC, Sanders RC.

Title: Prostatic evaluation by transrectal sonography with histopathologic correlation: the echopenic appearance of early carcinoma.
Fifty-two patients with clinical stage A and B carcinomas of the prostate were imaged by ultrasound (US) transrectally with a 5-MHz linear array transducer and transabdominally with a 3-MHz sector scanner prior to radical prostatectomy. The fresh specimens of 44 prostate glands were scanned in a water bath with a 5-MHz linear array transducer in multiple planes. In all cases, histopathologic correlation was obtained. Prostatic carcinoma presented as an echopenic lesion in 54% of the specimens, as a slightly hypoechoic area in 22%, and could not be identified in 24% because of its isoechoic characteristics. In contrast to many previous reports, no instance of echogenic cancer was observed.

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