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Journal: Actas urologicas Espanolas

Pubmed ID: 11765545

Authors: Caballero Alcantara J, Marchal Escalona C, Padilla Leon M, Rodrigo Fernandez I.

Title: Crude rate increase of prostate cancer incidence in our setting.

The prostate cancer is one of the most frequent cancers in the male sex and its incidence is increasing progresively in a population that every time has a more increased age.

OBJETIVES: To know the crude rate of prostate cancer in our population and if there is an increase.

MATHERIAL AND METHODS: Knowing the number of habitants under our assistance, we analyze the cases diagnosed of prostate cancer.

RESULTS: The crude rate of the incidence of prostate cancer in our medium is 28.7 cases/100.000 habitants/year and this increases progressively in 3 cases/100.000 habitants/year.

CONCLUSIONS: There is an increase of the crude rate of the incidence of prostate cancer probably by the influence of the increase of the population's age and the generalization of the measure of PSA in simtomatic patients of prostatic disease.

Contact: Servicio de Urologia, Hospital Costa del Sol, Marbella, Malaga.

Journal: Actas urologicas Espanolas

Pubmed ID: 12830550

Authors: Caballero Alcantara JE, Marchal Escalona C, Garcia Penit J, Padilla Leon M.

Title: Analysis of the delay in surgical treatment of adenocarcinoma of the prostate

INTRODUCTION: The prostate cancer is an important cause of men's mortality in our society.

PURPOSE: To know the time of delay in to realise the surgical treatment of the prostate cancer.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: Analysis of 30 cases of patients treated with radical prostatectomy, cuantifying the time of delay in all the periods of the process.

RESULTS: Appointment in general practitioner-first appointment in urology: 21.7 days. First appointment in urology-biopsy: 22.8. Biopsy-diagnosis: 34.3. Diagnosis-appointment of anesthesiology: 28.5. Anesthesiology-radical prostatectomy: 25.7.

CONCLUSIONS: There are actions for to reduce the delay in to perform the diagnosis or treatment, where we can act how an improvement plan: to give poblational education in general and information to the patient in particular, to analyze the rules of medical action, to improve the coordination between level, to improve the flexibility in outpatients appointment and time waiting for diagnosis test and treatment, to correct the temporality, to create clinical units of many specialties and to improve the politics of health.

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